Terra (previously Gámaþjónustan) was founded in 1983 and began operations in 1984. Today the company employs 250 people in Iceland and operates widely in Iceland.

Mainfield of operations is waste management, sorting and recycling: Rental and service of waste containers of all types and sizes, general waste collection, landfill, rental and service of portable toilets ;transport of machinery; composting and consulting work. At Berghella in Hafnarfjördur Terra runs a well equipped 4000 sq.m. sorting and transfer station with Harris baling press for waste and recyclable materials. Collected material from The Recycle Bin (Endurvinnslutunnan), is sorted at Berghella. This popular bin for domestic household recyclables, offers customers to put six categories in the same bin. Timber is crushed at Berghella with Haas and Morbark crushers and used for landscaping and animal bedding. Over 75 trucks and other machinery is used for the handing (collection, sorting, baling and composting)  and over 3000 containers of different sizes are in use. 

We update available jobs here on the website - "Terra : Atvinna í boði"

For more information please e-mail or call us at +354 535-2500